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Sherman Hospital Cancer Care

Community Benefits Numbers

Fiscal Year 2012 Data as Reported to the State of Illinois
May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012
Charity care $2,632,345
Language assistance $535,007
Government-sponsored indigent healthcare $47,834,279
Volunteer services
(Employee volunteer services $28,504)
(Nonemployee volunteer services $421,311)
Education (EMS) $409,406
Research $307,982
Subsidized health services $562,128
Bad debts $25,710,083
Other community benefits (self pay discounts) $7,362,564
Total benefits $85,803,609

Charity care is defined as care for which we do not expect to receive payment from the patient or a third party. language assistance is defined as costs associated with translation/interpretation services. Government-sponsored indigent healthcare is defined as the unreimbursed cost of Medicare, Medicaid and other federal, state or local indigent healthcare programs, eligibility for which is based on financial need. Donations are cash and in-kind donations such as meeting space, equipment and personnel to assist other community healthcare providers and agencies. Volunteer services is the value of volunteer time provided by hospital employees and volunteers. Subsidized health services are those services that meet community needs and that the hospital must subsidize from other revenue sources. Includes specialty services that yield a financial loss, as well as programs to prevent illness and improve community wellness. Bad debts are doubtful accounts resulting from the extension of credit.