The Duck Rescue Mission

At Sherman Health, we care for every family we serve. This even includes those that quack.

This one is named Quackers

Today, Sherman employees worked together to save a mother duck and her ducklings. The family of five made its way into one of the healing gardens at the new Sherman Hospital and could not find an exit.

Healing gardens, with temporary residents

The mother was willing to stop and ask for directions

Employees immediately provided much-needed water to the ducks. Next, staff from security and engineering gathered the ducklings and placed them in the field by the geothermal lake. The mother duck was aware of her ducklings’ location the entire time, and greeted them immediately after the rescue mission.


No ducks were harmed in this process! Mother ducks return to their ducklings, even after human touch. However, this is only recommended in rescue situations.


  1. Julie


    What a happy story!!! Thanks to the Sherman staff for their caring and kindness!

  2. Emily


    That is awesome that the staff was able to help the ducks! So sweet!

  3. Julio


    I am happy to hear people took notice of this, it is very easy to dismiss them as simply a family taking a tour. As an animal lover, and a rescuer of ducks in particular (I have one that had it’s beak broken and we rushed it to vet emergency, I learned to feed her by syringe, and even taught her to eat again, although it takes more work) it warms my heart to see this family rescued by observant employees.

  4. Patti


    Some day our animals will all be gone, it is so nice to see that Sherman is not only taking such good care of us, that they extend that to the creatures that God had given us for food, love and healing. Thanks

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