Sherman Health ICE App: Available now for iPhone and Android


In the time you’ve had your smartphone, you may have noticed that 1) it does not place ICE contacts at the top of the Contact list, instead treating ICE contacts like any other, 2) new users (i.e. medical personnel) may not know how to view contacts, even if they are able to slide and unlock your phone, and 3) a locked phone with a passcode does not allow users to access any information, even in case of an emergency.

This is where the Sherman Health ICE App comes in. Free to download, it easily stores emergency contacts in your phone so others can know who to call In Case of Emergency (ICE). It also gathers important health related information about the phone’s owner such as medical conditions, medications, and allergies.

ICE App 1Functional even on a locked phone

Medical personnel are trained to look for a cell phone and find ICE contacts if the situation calls for it. Typically, a locked phone that requires a passcode to access means they will not know who to call.

With Sherman’s ICE App, your key emergency contact person’s name and phone number are displayed as a banner on your phone’s wallpaper. Medical personnel will know who to call even if your phone requires a passcode.

Ice App 2Two Emergency Contact slots

There are slots ready for you to fill in with the names and phone numbers of your primary and secondary contacts. A photo of each can also appear next to the information.

As you fill in the contact information, you will also be given the option to display the name and phone number as a banner on your phone’s wallpaper.

Ice App 3Declare your medical conditions

Medical personnel may need to know a bit more about you after absorbing your ICE contact information. Upon loading up the app, they’ll see the following message: “The owner of this phone has the following conditions:”

From arthritis to vertigo, medical personnel will be aware of any conditions you have.

Ice App 4Declare your medications, display map to Sherman Hospital

Much like your medical conditions, your medications could be vital information to medical personnel. Find the medications you’re taking from the extensive list on Sherman’s ICE App.

Finally, a map to Sherman Hospital will be displayed based on your phone’s current location.

Download the Sherman Health ICE App here. It’s free to download, and can be found in the iTunes store.

The app will take minutes for you to set up, seconds for medical personnel to absorb, and could wind up saving your life.


  1. Theresa Deiure


    Please inform me when the Sherman Hospital ICE App is availible for the Andriod

  2. Luke


    Will do, Theresa! You’ll receive an email from us when the ICE app is available for Android.

  3. Jeff S.


    I would like the same notification for the ICE Android app. Great idea! Thank you!

  4. Luke


    Thanks, Jeff! You’ll receive an email notification when the app is Android-available.

  5. Samantha G


    I too am looking forward to the Android app…I have one currently, but I will happily switch when it comes available. I like that it’ll be able to be used when the phone is locked…the one I have doesn’t do that currently.

  6. mike piorkowski


    i’d also appreciate an email when the android version is available. any idea when that will be? this article is dated march 24th and says “coming soon”.

  7. Luke


    We’ll add you to the list, Mike! The app should be available for Android in the next couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

  8. mike piorkowski


    that’s a long couple of weeks! any updates on the eta?

  9. Luke


    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your patience! As for the update: We’re very close to having a Droid version of our ICE app ready to go. Since there are so many phones that run on the Droid OS, we have to make sure our app is compatible with all of them. We’re almost there!

  10. Linda


    I can’t figure out how to add medical conditions that are not on the drop down list

  11. Luke


    Hi Linda,

    Just scroll all the way to the end of the medical conditions. At the very bottom there should be a field that will let you input something that’s unlisted.

  12. Jane


    Do you have the emergency app for the android phone?

  13. Luke


    We sure do, Jane! Just search for it on the Play Store.

  14. Samantha


    I recently upgraded my phone to the Galaxy S III and I really appreciated having this app on my old phone. No matter what I tell the program to do, it will NOT display my main contact on the screen. I would have left feedback through the play store, but I don’t want a google plus account. Please fix and send and update through!

  15. Luke Trayser


    Samantha, thank you for the feedback and our apologies for the issues you’ve run into. We’ll look into this and send you an email when we have an update. Androids are tricky because there are many differences from phone to phone. It could take some time, but we’ll get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your patience!

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