Baby bird rescued at Sherman ambulance entrance

Back in June, an Elgin medic brought a deserted baby robin into Sherman’s EMS office. Debbie Arnold, Sherman Hospital EMS, has the story.

“The medic found the bird in an the ambulance bay and brought it into the office in a wash basin. The bird wasn’t moving until Nancy Lewis got a warming lamp and warmed it up. With the help of Alice Taylor, Nancy fed the bird some strawberries that I had brought for lunch. She smashed them up and used a syringe. After warming up and getting some food, the bird was very active so Lynda and I got Frank from Engineering to help put it back. He placed the baby back in the nest with the 3 other babies and the mother bird came back with a worm and fed it.”

A sincere thank you goes out to Debbie, Nancy, Alice, Lynda, Frank, the Elgin medic, and all other Sherman employees whose caring dispositions brought the baby robin back from the brink. And kudos to the mother robin for having the foresight to build her home so close to this wonderful group of people.

A few photos from the little bird’s adventure are below. To see the complete photo album, just head to the Sherman Health Facebook page!

Robin 1

Robin 3

Robin 2


  1. Cindy Capone


    How wonderful. I remember last year or the year before a mother goose was moved from the parking lot by the MOB, to a safe haven near the lake. It’s wonderful to know the respect everyone has for all the creatures of the planet. Thank you everyone.


  2. Anonymous


    Wonderful story with a good outcome. Thank you care givers and animal lovers.

  3. Patty Koons


    Just goes to show you there are still people with compasion in this world. All God’s creatures shoudl
    have a chance at life. Thanks

  4. alice kramer


    what a great story!! kudos to all of you! for animals and humans alike.

  5. Katie


    Agreed – excellent foresight by the mother. What a great story!

  6. Vicki


    I’ll bet that’s the first time a robin ever ate strawberries!

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