How to Grow a Mustache with Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson

Growing a manly Movember mustache this year will not only show your support for cancer awareness, but it can also net you a pretty sweet grand prize courtesy of Sherman Health. Click that pretty sweet link for more info.

Unfortunately, growing a mustache isn’t easy. It takes hard work, perseverance, and even genetics. Here to help is Nick Offerman, arguably America’s manliest celebrity at this moment in time. Born and raised in southern Illinois and an avid woodworker to this day, Offerman has all sorts of manly advice to dispense regarding the hard-to-grow, easy-to-love upper lip warmer.

Quick sidenote before you play the video: the creators used ‘moustache’ as the correct spelling, which makes us think of mice. Mice are not manly. Ergo, we chose ‘mustache’ as our spelling. Enjoy the video!

Oh, and remember to grow your mustache and submit the photo to our Facebook page.

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