Time-Lapse Demolition: Sherman Hospital Center Street Campus

Sherman Hospital on Center Street impacted countless lives when its doors were open, but once we moved to our beautiful new campus at 1425 N Randall Road, it was time to say goodbye to Center Street as we knew it so it could be used for other purposes.

This time-lapse video does a nice job capturing the scope of the demolition project. Do you have any Center Street memories? Share them in the comments section!


  1. Luann


    I attended the Laboratory Technician Program when Sherman was accredited to teach the program 30+ years ago. I was hired on as a tech after I graduated. I was with Sherman for almost 20 years and have many happy and sad memories.

  2. Howard Singer MD FAAP


    I always appreciated the warm & caring relationship Rick & his nursing staff developed & maintained with my patients over the years. And my mind flashes on Dr Kobayashi smiling broadly at the end of staff meetings as he was joined in a rousing “Bonzai” to the delight of everyone present. Thanks for the memories, Sherman. I knew it was coming but am saddened nevertheless by the finality of the demolition.

  3. Andrew


    That was where I was born

  4. Donna


    My first memory of Sherman Hospital is when I 3 yrs old turning 4 back in 1967… I had 3rd degree burns on my body… Had to stay a long while before I could go home. But while there the whole Nursing staff and Doctors were excellent to me and my family..

  5. Vilija


    This was the hospital where I was born! My dad was also on staff as one of the orthopedic doctors! He was extremely well loved by Many!

  6. Jerry


    I had my tonsils taken out at Sherman early 50′s and once many many years ago I actually shared a room with Joseph Spiess, the founder of Elgin’s premier department store. I feel very much a part of the history of that ever expanding edifice.

  7. Kathleen M Boyce


    My parents, all of us children, and my children were born there. I worked on 4 west while I was going to nursing school at N.I.U. So many, many memeories!

  8. Toby Shaw


    My wife Andrea delivered our four kids at Sherman. The old hospital will always have a place in our memories.

  9. Ann Wynne


    My first job was working in the radiology department on second shift. Many great memories and friends at Sherman. My first child was born there and I am sorry that he didn’t get a chance to see it.

  10. Heather


    Breaks my heart to see the demolition. I was born, had nursing school clinicals, worked (3 South/General Surgical), and met my husband there. My dad, grandpa, and great-grandma all worked there. So much family history.

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